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TRELORA has saved people like you over $24 million

Saving You Thousands

TRELORA has saved buyers and sellers $21M in what would have been agent commissions.

Technology Tailored to Your Needs

The My TRELORA platform provides buyers and sellers with 24/7 access to every detail of their transaction.

First-Rate Service

TRELORA works as a team to make sure you get the highest level of service throughout the purchase or sale (or both) of your home.

How do buyers save money by hiring TRELORA?

Here’s how it works. Sellers and new home builders typically offer a 2.8% commission to the buyer's agent. Because this is (much) higher than what TRELORA charges for its services, we will assign the difference back to you at closing - saving you thousands of dollars.

When buying an existing home on the open market, you can use this extra money to:

  • Reduce your home loan
  • A credit to the seller, making your offer more attractive
  • Lender prepaid items
  • Prepaid escrow (which covers items like real estate taxes and private mortgage insurance)
  • Other contribution of your choice (that the lender will allow)

When buying a new build, you can apply this extra money towards:

  • Design Center
  • Lot premiums
  • Prepaid loan costs
  • Landscaping
  • Other home improvements

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